b'ClitoralBring a little buzz into your sex life! Varying in shape(just like you!), these small but powerful vibrators tantalizethe sensitive nerve endings in the clitoris. A. B.C.B E G I N N E RMeet your new bedroom bestie! Clitoral vibrators are an excellent choice for first-timers and couples who want to introduce toys to partner play.A. HEAD OVER HEELS Clitoral vibrator with cupped surface and 3 ticklers. 10 functions. Silicone.Bath-friendly. 2 AAA. $99 AUD|$129 NZD B. ILLUSION Vibrating bullet teases sensitive spots with dreamy vibrations. 7 functions. Silicone. Shower-friendly. 1 AAA. $79 AUD|$99 NZDC. FAN FAVORITE Buzzworthy bullet for solo or partner play. 9 functions. Silicone. Bath-friendly.2 AAA. $63 AUD|$82 NZD 20 | Clitoral Toys'