b'C L I T O R A LEXPERTTake clitoral orgasms to the next level with bedroom accessories that invite your partner to the pleasure party (hello, wireless remote!) or enhance your experience with exclusive technologies. A. A. BOX OFFICE Discreet panty vibrator with magnetic tabs and wireless remote. 32-foot range.10 functions. Silicone.Bath-friendly. Rechargeable. B. $229 AUD|$299 NZDB. OPENING ACT Curvaceous clitoral vibrator perfect for foreplay or massage. 30 functions. Silicone. Bath-friendly. Rechargeable.great for$149 AUD|$199 NZDvaginal play!C. BUTTERFLY EFFECT Let desire take flight with this erotic panty vibrator. C. 12 functions. Silicone. Bath-friendly. Rechargeable.$179 AUD|$229 NZDD. HIDDEN AGENDA Bullet vibrator with wireless wristband remote for partner play. 12 functions. Silicone.Bath-friendly. Rechargeable.$219 AUD|$285 NZDD.22 *While supplies last.'