b'Dual-Action ToysThese vibrators offer double the stimulation and often feature shaped clitoral massagers. (Those legendary rabbit vibrators? Yes, please!) Choose yours for an intimate experience thatll leave you breathless.SHORE THING HOT & BOTHERED SEALED WITH A KISS UNRAVELEDVibrator with targetedVibrator with This vibrators unique Teases the G-spot clitoral massager.curved shaft and massager surrounds and clitoris with 12 functions. Silicone.clitoral massager. the clitoris with independently Bath-friendly.10 functions. Silicone. powerful suction. controlled motors. Rechargeable. Bath-friendly. 2 AAA. 13 functions. Silicone.18 functions. Silicone. $189 AUD|$259 NZD $99 AUD|$129 NZD Bath-friendly.Bath-friendly. Rechargeable. Rechargeable. $239 AUD|$309 NZD $169 AUD|$229 NZDWhy we love DOUBLE THE FUN Dual-action toys include a shaft for penetration rabbit vibes! and a clitoral massager designed to tease 8,000 the power of two amazing nerve endings. VIBE LEVEL? EXPERT.Many dual vibrators have additional bells and whistles (hint: Touch Sensor Technology!) for those who want an advanced pleasure experience.24 | Dual-Action Toys'