b'Lets Talk Our toys tease sensitive nerve endings andanal stimulate the prostate while our gel and training products help you prep for play.calling allbackdoor explorers!ANAL TRAINER KIT Graduated set with 3 sizes. Silicone. Waterproof.$99 AUD|$135 NZDNEW!5th BASE2-in-1 anal toy with sleeve and removable MIDNIGHT DESIREVibrating anal beadsbullet. 9 functions. with ridged texture. 10 functions. Silicone.Silicone. Bath-friendly. Bath-friendly. Rechargeable. Rechargeable.$159 AUD|$199 NZD $99 AUD|$129 NZDSafe & Eazy Booty PlayGetting ready for anal sex is easy! Use the rinser prior to play, then apply Booty Eazeto the anal opening for maximum comfort.BOOTY EAZE Gel helps get you ready for anal play without decreasing pleasure.1 FL.OZ./30 ml$24 AUD|$32 NZDANAL DOUCHE Get prepared for pleasure with this ergonomically-designed anal rinser.$59 AUD|$80 NZDAnal Toys | 29'