b"toy care 101Protect your investment in pleasure by always properly cleaning and storing your toy after every use.FACTYou shouldn'tA.clean yourB.toys with soap and water.Colors/fragrances can irritate your intimate areas, and soap of any kind can cause your toy to dry out and crack.REMEMBERDon't store multiple toys together.When sex toys get to-gether, weird things can happen. They can shareAvailable bacteria, break down, or even meld together.in silver Store them separately inor pink!a clean, dry container, like our Toy Tote!ALWAYSClean your toys before and after each use.The longer you wait to clean them, the moreA. TOY TOTE Safely store and protect your bedroom accessories in this likely bacteria will gethandy tote! $25 AUD|$34 NZDB. CLEANSING MIST Gentle solution to on your toy. Just rinseclean and extend the life of your toys. 8 fl. oz./240 ml. $25 AUD|$34 NZDwith warm water, spritz with Cleansing Mist, and rinse again!Toy Care | 31"