b"let'stalkEssential Oils!Essential oils are aromatic compounds extracted from a plant's seeds, stems, fruits, flowers, bark, and roots. These extracts can help enhance our daily lives in various ways, from balancing your mind and body to invigorating your libido to boosting your confidence.SCENTUAL HEALINGB.A. HELLO, LIBIDO!The secret to the perfect date night? HeLi Massage Oil!It's infused with essentialoils that ignite desire.A. MASSAGE OIL WITH B. KICK STARTDID YOU KNOW?HELLO LIBIDO Give your body a boostKick Start can be diffused Sensual massage oilwith this essential oilor applied to palms for infused with botanical blend infused with extractsaromatherapy. extracts known to helpof ginger, peppermint, ignite feelings of passion.and cinnamon.inspired by 3.88 fl. oz./115 ml0.17 fl. oz./5 ml$48 AUD|$62 NZD $56 AUD|$74 NZD nature!08 | HeLi Wellness"