b"A. H E L IE S S E N T I A L O I L R O L L E R B A L L SA. HELLO LIBIDOB. Ignite feelings of passion witha blend of ylang ylang, sandalwood, lemon balm, and cedar wood33 FL.OZ./10 ml $60 AUD|$78 NZDB. RISE & GRINDBoost feelings of energy and confidence with citrus, peppermint, vanilla, and rosemary.C. .33 FL.OZ./10 ml $30 AUD|$40 NZDC. OPEN SESAMEA respiratory blend witheucalyptus, tea tree, lemon,and peppermint33 FL.OZ./10 ml$46 AUD|$64 NZDD. D. BE KIND UNWINDKeep your cool with balancing lavender, clary sage,and chamomile33 FL.OZ./10 ml$52 AUD|$69 NZDE. FIRM BELIEVER Improve the appearance of skin's texture and tone with carrot seed, frankincense, and rosehip seed33 FL.OZ./10 ml$75 AUD|$104 NZDE. F. NOW & ZENA meditative blend oflavender, marjoram, vanilla, and ho wood33 FL.OZ./10 ml$52 AUD|$69 NZDF. 09"